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Soul Controller
Prod. Mango Valley


If it's got a hold - let it go, let it go/

When it's hard to tell - let it show, let it show/

If you understand - then you know, then you know/

Recognise your role, take control of your soul.


Get a grip if you don't think you're on top of it,
If it drives you crazy then at first you must acknowledge it,
When it grab a hold, best believe it's hard to topple it,
No longer thinking, just like blinking,
Don't acknowledge it,
Habit forms, and it starts to move anonymous,
Until it's hard to swallow like you blocked your whole oesophagus.
Think your fine, pay no mind, just a little phase,
In a daze, its a maze, send your brain a stray,
Stopped a couple times but back within a couple days,
At the stage where its difficult to turn the page,
You should start, but you leave it 'til a later date,
cause you got a craving you must answer but you love and hate,
It's a path, on a track that is set to crash,
You gotta ask, are you living in the now or past, sometimes holding on, when you really should just let it pass,
If attached, can't relaxed, and you need to gasp
Remove the mask that attacks,
It can cause a lapse,
Accept the facts that perhaps,
There's a hidden task,
So alas, you should ask, does the feeling match,
Are you clinging on, when it's gone, are you feeling trapped?


Out in the open, deal with emotion,
Beneath the calm of the surface - commotion
Deep like the ocean, feelings are potent,
Plus they can change from, moment to moment,
A roguish proponent at home like a rodent,
Probing - Unannounced like a Trojan,
Controlling - With the guise of involvement,
Erosion of hope is a deadly component,
So calmly, ride the tsunami,
It's said discipline is the soul of an army,
When thoughts go to war, then the core is behind me,
Fall but I rise, so the lies wont surprise me,
Hard to resist, like an itch, poison ivy,
At liberty, I can choose what defines me,
So victory in itself is deciding,
He who conquers self, it is he who is mighty.
Out of the chaos, Searching for order,
Tryina find hope in the box of pandora.


from Season One : Profisee x Mango Valley, released May 15, 2017
Profisee x Mango Valley



all rights reserved