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Prod. Mango Valley


Got a couple things on my mind, yeah a few things on mind.
Got a couple things on my mind, yeah a few things on mind.

Like - am I running out of time,
Terror on my dome, so much trouble on my mind,
I can feel alone, though I'm saying that I'm fine,
Is it foolish pride that keeps it all inside,

I wanna shine, but sometimes i gotta grind,
Its a contradiction, that's why i can't decide,
Looking out for answers, when really they're inside,
Pure coincidental or could it be a sign,

Or could it be that I'm, struggling to recognise and leave it all behind,
Clinging to the past, like thats how i am defined,
Hoping things will last, like thats how they are designed,

Don't put pearls before swine
What are you out of your mind
More time, I'm needing more time
Its a fine line between truth and what lies

Dependant on what rules applied
Its said if you seek you shall find
So either you peep or stay blind
Its peak when you un-cover what be inside

Often its who what or why
Make us refuse or deny
Doesn't compute, won't comply
We lost in space when we get trapped in time.


from Season One : Profisee x Mango Valley, released May 15, 2017
Profisee x Mango Valley



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