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Prod. Mango Valley


More Life More Life
Get - More Life
More Life More Life

Play your position and stay in your lane,
You never sold weed let alone cocaine,
What is your point and what is your aim,
Everything cost stay true to your name,
I've felt loss and i recognise pain,
Some out for the money some out for the fame,
Don't realise that everything change,
It's not a joke, and ain't no game,
X amount of that stress and strain,
Makes it mad and hard to maintain,
Play your position and stay in your lane,
Don't get the picture put it in frame,
Spoils to the victor let me explain,
Nobody cares what you promise or claim,
Just wanna know is there profit and gain,
What can I expect and will I get paid.


There's only you everybody else taken,
Have you a clue do you know what you're facing,
Did you decide what dreams are you chasing,
Are you aligned are your thoughts adjacent,
-- Take time have patience,
-- Proceed stay gracious,
-- It seems outrageous
Deep be the word and message from the ancients,
Its your life, so get more life,
Mix regret with that foresight
Be yourself and be forthright
Know the truth and ignore hype
Play your position and navigate rage,
Everyday struggle, everyday a new page,
Come out the bubble, face trouble engage
Play your position, that's a coming of age.

More Life More Life
Get - More Life
More Life More Life
It's a choice and its, your - life,
Love yourself cause that's, more - life,
When your living, you make decisions,
That cause collision in your - life


from Season One : Profisee x Mango Valley, released May 15, 2017
Profisee x Mango Valley



all rights reserved