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Instant Damascus

Deep in your soul be the question and answers,
Saul turned to Paul on the road to Damascus.
So do you fold when your whole world collapses
Or take the strain like you holding an atlas

Instant Damascus

Perhaps it's the truth in disguise that attract us,
Lies only serve to deceive and distract us,
You must adapt to survive like a cactus

Instant Damascus,

Words paint a picture, my life is the canvas,
Re-generate, like limbs on salamanders
Ancient existence, survivor Galactus

Observe like a Mantis,
One hundred an eighty degrees forms an Axis,
Except when you're crossing the line close to madness,

It's time to open your chakras,

Open your mind, you can find what the task is,
Then realise what is true if it matches,
When you relate, then your pure state relaxes,

Instant Damascus


Conversion, beyond a cross or a turban,
Mosque or a curtain,
Synagogue or person,

Awash no detergent,
So we at loss 'til we find true resurgence

It's an aid not a burden
Despite of the fright and the fact it's unnerving,
You must accept that your quest has a purpose,

It's why we're cast in the furnace,

In the pit with the serpents,
It's urgent, so stay aware, be observant,
Life isn't fair, don't care who deserve it,
Fear and despair don't care who you worship,

Or how you word it,

Instant Damascus is how you interpret.

What emerges,

The converges,

Instant Damascus is finding your purpose.


from Season One : Profisee x Mango Valley, released May 15, 2017
Profisee x Mango Valley



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